We try to post here some of our recent building repair and landscaping projects as examples of the work we can undertake. If you have any questions or would like us to quote for a project please contact us.

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This was a recent complete makeover of a back garden, to provide a modern, stylish outdoor space that is easy to maintain.  The old deck and lawn were removed and a base laid for the patios, path and gravel.  Indian Sandstone slabs were laid to form the main large patio, the circular patio with a pathway and the seating area with pergola over.  Planters were made and placed at either end of the pergola.  Contrasting stone chippings were laid, with stepping stones, creating this attractive space.  Tubs and planters can be placed later to provide greenery and colour.

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Resin-bonded surfaces provide an attractive and strong surface to any outdoor area and can cope with heavy use.  The resin-bonded pathways in this instance were given ramp access from the front and back doors making access easy for wheelchair use.  The finished surface has good grip providing a non-slip surface which is an important factor to consider.  With a good choice of colours, a strong and serviceable outdoor area can be created that is very pleasing to the eye.

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A paddock had to be split to allow for a parking area, so stock fencing was installed to do this.  A walk way was needed for the horse to move between paddocks, while allowing for safe vehicle access from the car park; double sets of farm gates were positioned to achieve this.  The parking area was leveled and a gravel car park created.

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